E-gar's mission is to make your property work better for you. Our Vision is focused on establishing long term relationship with our clients. We do offer unique and professional services to buyers and seller, in addition to portfolio of proprty management, Stuff & ticketing services. All geared for one sole purpose, to make your journey and stay, a true pleasure and to let you return home with unforgettable set of memories

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Our Services

  • Tickting, covering destinations around the globe
  • limousine, from any location in Egypt using a fleet of luxurrious cas
  • Privet jet hire, for ulimate experience in privacy and convenience
  • Guest reception, upon arrival at airport VIP lounges
  • Touristic Tours, arranged accourding to your own schedule

About E-gar

E-gar E-gar is a well organized firm established in Feb 09. Our comprehensive understanding of the real estate and property management market in Egypt backed by more than 20 years of solid experience gained by a super team of professionals will put your mind at ease when it comes to your property. Whether you are buying, selling, renting, refurnishing, renovating or relocating from one country to another it’s our job to supply you with the quality professional services. Our portfolio is currently valued at LE 150m.We expect to reach LE 300m by end of 2011.We are a living proof that the Egyptian real estate market is doing very well. Our mission is to make you property work better for you. Our vision is focused on establishing long term relationship with our clients. We thank our clients for their trust and support especially Dr.Ayman Kandeel, Mr. Gamal Aziz, Mr. Tawqfiq Diab and and of course, the team for making this success possible. You may download our company profile here for more details.